Houston Studios

Okay, we all know how bipolar Houston's weather can be. From scorching hot summer days, to freezing winter days out of no where. Not to mention those random days that it decides to be cloudy, but it never rains. Or the super sunny days, that turn into random rain storms that just seam to spawn out of no where. Or maybe, you want something outdoors, that has a little bit more structure. I get it.

Now as a photographer, what can you do to be prepared for that? My answer: Studio Sessions.

Studio sessions are great, because for the most part you can control the lighting, and not have to worry about your camera equipment getting ruined. Lucky for us Houstonians, we have studios all over the place! From Houston to the Woodlands, from outdoor to indoor, there are so many options as to where to plan your next session. Let me show you a few of my favorites!

The Lumen Room HOUSTON : WHITE

The Lumen Room, White. Located in East Downtown (EaDo). This is right in the heart of Houston! This studio offers a giant space, with HUGE windows. Talk about natural light! Besides the amazing natural light and windows, the bright white walls help it all reflect perfectly for your camera to capture :) It also has a bunch of furniture for you to use. This includes a sage green velvet couch, brown leather and wood chair, single blue velvet chair, brown leather couch, white posing boxes, stools, and even a Christmas set up during the Christmas season! This is the perfect place for a modern photoshoot for couples, portraits, and family sessions. It also has a giant speaker, so you can really party it up. There's also a high contrast wall that has half a black section, and half of the wall is white.

Negative Space Rental : Loft 1

Are you looking for a moody, sexy, modern location? Let me share with you NSR Loft 1. This place is edgy, sexy, modern, moody. It's AMAZING. I've shot here multiple times, from bridals, to couple shoots, to boudoir. You can do it all. It's a loft, it has a bedroom, kitchen, and living room space. It offers really big windows, that have beautiful light shine through, no matter what the weather is outside. This place is very intimate I would say. The pictures always come out really romantic, no matter what you're shooting! It's seriously one of my favorite studios. This is also located right in the heart of downtown, so it is very central. It has a cement wall, very industrial, and it also has a white based wall, and on the other side it has a black side. It has a beautiful purple, velvet couch, a bed, and a lot of different chair options for you to use. Make sure you take advantage of these WINDOWS, because they are the star of the show.

Superb Studio : White Canvas

This is a Houston Favorite. The Superb Studio White Canvas room provides the perfect, basic white background with a giant window. It has amazing bright, natural light shining in. This is a great studio if you want the focus to be on your client, you can get really creative here, or just enjoy the modern white background. You can find furniture, posing boxes, and added light features with your booking! I've had a lot of fun shooting individuals here, for their senior sessions, graduation sessions, and birthday sessions.

The Muse Manor

Located in the heart of Conroe, we can go to The Muse Manor, The Muse Manor, is a really cozy studio. I've shot many Senior Sessions here. The Studio is split into 2 sides that offer 2 different looks! From bright white light, a modern rustic room, and a pretty flower wall, this space offers a lot of variety depending on what vibe you want to go to for your shoot!

The Creative Chateau

Talk about bridal central! This Houston Studio is a great and elegant place to take pictures of your brides! It is a french inspired space, with many elegant features. There is so much natural light here, which makes all of the pictures come out so bright and clean. If you're looking for elegance, this place is it, your bridal portraits will truly shine. There are various spaces here that you can book, each having it's own unique features. OR you could book the whole house and take advantage of all of it's charm. It has a grand staircase as well, which is probably one of my favorite features aside from the beautiful windows.

Vic and Marie Studio

Located in the Humble area, Vic and Marie studio offers a bright and modern space, filled with elegant floral installations. This place is so good for maternity photos, mother's day, or mommy and me sessions. You could even do bridals here if you're wanting to do an elegant and feminine feel. Studio also includes a nice bed set up for a more casual feel.

Main St. Studio

Houston, TX

This is a unique studio on Main Street. It offers big windows that lets in a lot of light, plus some moveable walls and v-flats. There are so many props that you can use for your shoot, including suitcases, vintage camera's, plants, chairs, and an antique ladder. The owner is also so sweet and accommodating, it has been one of my favorite studios to work with. Plus it is so centrally located. You could shoot in the studio, and then finish your session right on main street for some city vibes!

Superb Studio : Lifestyle Loft

A Loft inspired space to Shape your Lifestyle Look with a Circle Wall an Archway, and Other Walls. This features a super cute, pink backdrop that you can pair with the circle wall. As well as a cream wall, and an archway. It's a smaller sized room, with a big window and a couch as well. I would recommend this for mostly for individuals, as it's a smaller space :)

The Oak Atelier


This is a magical location with this beautiful glass house hidden among the trees. This location is whimsical, perfect for bridals, engagements, maternity, and any other event! At this location, there are also other indoor studio rooms that you can rent out. The whole location can also be used for weddings and elopements. It's honestly one of the prettiest locations on this side of town, with an infinite amount of possibilities. They also host different seasonal sets that photographers rent out. This includes sets for Mother's day and Christmas, plus other seasonal sets like spring and fall.

The Lumen Room : Houston Lifestyle

Houston, TX

Next to the Lumen Room White, you'll find Lumen Room Lifestyle. This I would say is a more casual room compared to it's counterpart. It features a both black and white walls, neutral wood flooring, and a lot of natural light! I've done branding, engagements, and family photoshoots at this studio. There's a lot of different props too, different chairs, a desk. It offers a lot of versatility for whatever type of shoot your planning!

Mod Art

Conroe TX

Tucked in a nice wooded area you can find Mod Art. This place features this beautiful A-Frame that has seasonal decorations changed throughout the year. Perfect for families, couples, and individuals. During sunset, the sun is directly behind this A Frame, so you get the perfect sunset pictures from here! Aside from the A-Frame structure, it also features a swing with a chandelier element.