Before we turn into bestfriends

Let me share a bit of myself :)

I'm a happy dog mom and wife. I love reading and watching cheesy shows on Netflix when I have the time. I also LOVE trying new foods, going to cute coffee shops, traveling, and learning new languages!

My goal is to make your vision a reality, and to have fun along the way! I've been taking pictures since 2019, and a strive to make your special moments, permanent memories.

Random facts about me

Fact 1

I do photography part time! Outside of me taking pictures I am a financial analyst working in the Oil and Gas industry

Fact 2

I love learning languages. I grew up speaking Spanish and English, and then picked up Korean and Chinese in my late teens

Fact 3

I'm a big skin care junky. I enjoy researching skin care, and keeping up with what products are on the market. I'm a big sucker for cute packaging too.

Fact 4

Food is my love languageI'm a big foodie. I really like going out and finding new spots to eat at in Houston.