2024 - 2025 Elopements Pricing Guide

The girl with the camera

Hi There, I'm Andrea :)

I’ve been doing photography for almost 4 years now. I am so drawn to people’s love stories. There is just something special of being a part of so many people’s happy beginnings. Throughout the years I have gotten to see people fall in love, get married, and start families! And I’ve been able to be a part of capturing those memories; what an HONOR!

I hope that through this process, you’ll be able to see that my heart is fully committed to providing the absolute best service for you, so that you too can have

"Andrea is the easiest photographer to work with. From point A to B, she has every step figured out for you. She takes the stress of worrying about how to pose or where to take the photos out of mind and is just a wonderful person to be around."


My Approach

So what does working with me look like?

When working with couples, above all, I want you both to feel comfortable and to have FUN. My mentality towards wedding days, is that it’s not a big photoshoot. It’s about you getting married to your person!

This means that I want to capture your day as it authentically unfolds. Sure we’ll have posed photos as well. But over all, I want the process to be as authentic and candid as possible. You should be able to enjoy every moment of your day, without having to constantly pose for a picture. Trust me, when the time comes, I’ll pose you, but until then, cherish the time you have with those loved ones who came to celebrate you!

"This girly is the ONLY Photographer I'll ever use. She's always on time, never cancels, makes recommendations and suggestions and works magic with whatever input or ideas you have, and her photographs come out beautiful. She has captured quite a few moments in my life thus far including my wedding and she will continue to be the only person I entrust all my family photos to. She basically never sat down at our wedding, she was busy capturing literally every single moment. All the love for this girly and her work!"



Package One

For the couples who want to capture their union, plus extra time for pictures :)


3 Hour Coverage

High Res Digital Images

Online Gallery

Consultation Meetings








Need to extend your package an extra hour? No worries!

Engagement Session


Engagement Session


This is the perfect time for us to get together and celebrate the start of your journey together :) Plus these are perfect for your save the date cards!





A second, professional photographer to capture your day! Double the creativity and angles. They arrive with me, and leave after dinner.





Receive your full gallery within 2 weeks, instead of 4-6 weeks! Your wedding will go to the top of my editing list, while maintaining the same level of quality (limited availability)





Your wedding day will be full of activities. Set aside time a few weeks prior to shoot a bridal portrait session. Here we will focus on capturing you in your wedding dress at a studio of your choosing.
*Studio fee not included





Let's pick out some fun lingerie, and head to a Houston studio to celebrate you and your body before your special day. These are so much fun, and make an awesome gift for your groom ;)
*Studio fees not included

"You really won't be disappointed with choosing Andrea for capturing your special day. She's honestly one of the most devoted and hard-working people and have been there capturing many important seasons of life for me and my family. She's always super patient, attentive to anything we want in particular but also directing and guiding us to help make the session flow smoothly. She's super knowledgeable and is super passionate about photography, she's always learning and researching ways to improve her skills. My family will continue to choose Andrea for capturing all our special moments together! Trust me, she's the only gal I'm going to!"


Payment Plan

I understand that this is an investment, so feel free to pay as you go!

Payment One

This is your retainer payment to book in your date on my calendar! $500 flat fee, non-refundable.

Due on booking day.

Payment Two

This is your 2nd payment, which is 1/2 of your remaining balance.

Due 3 months from Wedding Day.

Payment Three

This is your 3rd and final payment, which is the second 1/2 of your remaining balance.

Due 2 weeks from Wedding Day.


What’s your back-up plan if you can’t photograph our wedding?

In the very rare event that I’m unable to photograph your wedding, I’ll make sure you’re covered by one of my colleagues. I’ll also provide you with a list of photographers from the many networking groups I’m in, so you can find the perfect replacement.

How far in advance should we book you for our wedding?

I encourage you to reach out as soon as possible about my availability, even if you’re planning on a shorter time frame. I am normally booked by couples at least 6 months in advance.

Do we need to set aside a meal?

Yes! As I will be with you for the entire day, any event over 4 hours will require you to provide a meal for myself and my second shooter.

How many pictures will we get?

You can expect about 50 to 75 images per hour of photographing. But keep in mind this estimate varies depending on your wedding package, number of guests, venue type, and other factors.

Will you help with posing?

ABSOLUTELY!!! No need to stress about not knowing what to do with your arms, or where to face. I’ll direct you through all of the pictures :)

"Our photographer, Andrea, is a storyteller! The tight hugs, radiant smiles, and random conversations which we thought were only gonna be memories in our brains, she captured them, and she captured them beautifully! She gave us tons of beautiful photos to look at in the years to come."